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Monday, August 23, 2004

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Newsweek article exposes media

Newsweek is an article (already on the Internet) in their Aug 30 edition that addresses the Swift boat controversy. The article loses with this line: "Trying to figure out whether any of these attacks are, in fact, coordinated by the campaigns may be as difficult as sorting out what really happened on the waterways of the Mekong Delta in the Vietnam War."

Readers of my blog are aware (and have been for weeks) of provably false statements that Kerry has made about his Vietnam service. The most eggregious and obvious one is his 11 Dec 68 journal entry (page 189 of Tour of Duty for any reporters that are having a hard time finding it) where he admits to not having experienced enemy fire nine days after the "Boston whaler" incident for which he received a Purple Heart. Not one major media outlet has carried the story!

Is the press really this stupid? Is it incompetence? Do they not have anyone on staff who knows how to read? Use a web browser for crying out loud? More than anything else in recent memory, the Swift boat controversy has exposed the media for all to see. Flatulent, indolent, incompetent, obsessed with things that don't matter (Laci Petersen, Oprah serving jury duty fer cryin' out loud! - this is national news??) and completely oblivious to things that really do matter, the press has become an arm of the political party that it supports, which in most cases is the Democratic party.

The real culprit? Journalism schools. You don't get to where we are today without a consistent long term failure to teach the basics so that graduates become newmen instead of pr flacks.