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Thursday, August 19, 2004

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NY Times Fires A Salvo

I'm not going to comment much on this, because I'm certain the blogosphere will fisk it to death. I thought I'd mention it because readers of my blog should be well aware of the careful research I've done into the Swiftees claims, my objections to 527 orgs, my initial reluctance to pursue the story, my concerns as the story developed and my conversion as fact after fact overwhelmed my reticence. Suffice it to say that the Times article doesn't open any new ground, focuses mainly on the funding of the Swiftvets and doesn't do much to disprove their claims.

Perhaps I'll get irritated enough later to say more about it, but I doubt it. If the Times spends five pages and thousands of words on each of the stories of MoveOn.org, George Soros, Joseph Wilson's lies and Richard Clarke's deceipt, then I might give them some credit for being fair-minded.

But that's not going to happen and you know it.