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Thursday, August 19, 2004

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Interview with Tedd Peck

Tedd Peck was the OinC of PCF 57 when he and Kerry transferred from COSDIV 14 in Cam Ranh Bay to COSDIV 11 in An Thoi in December of 1968. Peck was the Oinc of PCF 94 when he was severely wounded, on January 29, 1968, and airlifted to the hospital. Peck never returned. He was shipped home after 87 days in the hospital.

David Gold interviewed him, and Gold asked some really stupid questions. He asked about David Alston and the 2/28/69 incident and Jim Rassmann and the 3/13/69 incident. Peck has no knowledge of those. He was in the hospital. Gold, like many "journalists" was obviously unprepared. He didn't have his facts in order.

However, he did manage to solicit some interesting facts from Peck. For example, he pointed out that Kerry was stationed in Cat Lo, with COSDIV 13, until early January, and the perimeter of their patrol area was Sa Dec. They would not have transited farther up the river, because that was COSDIV 11's area of responsibility. This is just one more nail in the coffin of the "Chrismas eve in Cambodia" story. (As if it needed another one.)

Peck also states that Kerry "came back around the 5th of January" and "We were so far from the Mekong River it would take a day to get there."

Peck's "came back around the 5th of January" obviously refers to when Kerry transferred back from COSDIV 13 to COSDIV 11. So we now have a fixed date for that (and I have corrected the timeline to reflect that.)