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Monday, August 16, 2004

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More news on the David Alston story

Byron York of National Review Online has picked up the David Alston story, and he has discovered that Alston returned to duty sometime after March 4 and actually served with Kerry for about seven days, participating in two enemy engagements. (The one weakness we have in the blogosphere is the inability to interview the involved parties. Perhaps that will change in the future.)

York points out that Alston definitely did not serve with Kerry during the February 28th incident that led to Kerry's Silver Star, even though he has given the impression that he did, and Kerry was not Alston's OinC during the January 29th incident when Alston was wounded, even though he has given the impression that he was.

In other words, both Alston and Kerry have been caught in a lie and the national press is now telling the story. One sentence in York's report is telling. "Alston spoke only briefly with National Review Online, saying all interviews must be approved by the Kerry campaign." Obviously the Kerry campaign is going to circle the wagons, but the horse is already out of the barn. The blogosphere drove this story, particularly Captain's Quarters.