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Sunday, August 15, 2004

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Another Kerry lie

OK, I know I said I was Kerry'd out, but this story is like hunting for rattlesnakes in west Texas. Every time you turn over another rock, you find another snake. So, no day off for me.

I'm reading the March Spot Reports for 3/13/69, the day Kerry won his Bronze Star and third purple heart, and I see a handwritten note in the upper right hand corner - "5 PCFs, Song Bay Hap, Rach Dong Kung, HF encountered plus MINE (MINE is underlined), 7 USN WIA, 1 MSF KIA (BT). The (Vietnamese) MSF was killed by a booby trap earlier in the day. (Everything in the military is acronymed. USN is US Navy, WIA is Wounded In Action, MSF is Mobile Strike Force, KIA is Killed In Action, I believe HF is Heavy Fire, but I'm trying to confirm that.)

The SpotReport (page 3) states that PCF-3 was hit by a mine but makes no mention of a second mine detonating. It also reports "heavy A/W and S/A fire from both banks" and "two other explosions were observed", but there's no mention of a second boat being hit. (A/W is Automatic Weapons fire. S/A is Small Arms fire.)

The US WIA are listed as LTJG Richard Pees, ENS Kenneth Tryner, GMG3 Earl Hollister, RD3 Leslie Vorphal, GMG3 Wolfe, EN3 Arp and LTJG Kerry. No one had any bullet wounds. GMG3 Wolfe had shrapnel wounds. Except for Kerry, all the rest had injuries consistent with a mine explosion.

GMG3 Hollister was the forward (M-60) gunner on PCF-3 and was wounded by shrapnel in the groin, which is consistent with his position (standing in the bow of the boat with his torso below decks). (Page 4)

RD3 Vorphal was the coxwain aboard PCF-3 and suffered a back injury and concussion, injuries consistent with a mine explosion and his position in the wheelhouse. (Page 5)

ENS Tryner was serving as OinC (in training) aboard PCF-3 and suffered a back injury and concussion, injuries consistent with a mine explosion and his probable position in the wheelhouse. (Page 6)

LTJG Pees was OinC of PCF-3 and suffered a concussion and back injury, injuries consistent with a mine explosion and his postion in the wheelhouse. (Page 6)

There's no injury reports for Wolfe and Arp. I suspect Wolfe would have been the stern gunner and Arp may have been close to him (possibly prepared to feed mortars to the 81). Since they would have been in the stern and not in an enclosed space (like the coxwain and OinCs who would have been in the wheel house), they would have suffered less serious injuries. In fact they may have been the two that were thrown overboard by the explosion. Page 3 mentions that Wolfe had a minor back injury, contusions and abrasions and and Arp had minor contusions and abrasions. Both of these reports are consistent with someone at the stern of PCF-3 who was thrown overboard but not seriously injured by the mine.

We all know about Kerry's wounds. He received a self-inflicted shrapnel wound in the buttocks earlier in the day and a contusion in his right arm during the incident.

This is what the record reflects. Now read what Kerry has to say about it.

Kerry's website states publicly (yes, I'm archiving every page that I think might disappear, like some have already) that "men" (plural) "died" on that boat.
Del Sandusky, 58, of Elgin, Ill., and Clearwater, Fla., served under Kerry on a patrol boat in 1969. When another boat hit a mine, Kerry ordered the dead and injured brought on board and the sinking boat towed, six or seven miles, to the Gulf of Tonkin. Because Americans had died on the boat, Kerry, out of loyalty, wouldn't leave it behind for the enemy.
Kerry's website describes the reason Kerry went back and got the boat and towed it was "out of loyalty" that American men died on that boat. Makes him sound sooooo respectful of the casualties of war. But no one died that day!

God that's so smarmy it gives me the creeps. I think I'm going to vomit. This is a man the Democrats think is worthy to be President of our great land! The proud hero from Vietnam!