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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

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Another fraud by Kerry

John Kerry enlisted his "crewmates" from Vietnam and they appeared at the DNC. Among those "crewmates" was a man from Massachusetts named Jim McDevitt. A reader recently asked me if I knew anything about McDevitt, so I did some research.

Here's what I've found.

Jim McDevitt is an ex-Marine, not a Kerry crewmate. "Individually, the Doghunters boasted unimpeachable credentials, such as Jim McDevitt, an ex-Marine who had earned four Purple Hearts," Tour of Duty, pg. 493.

McDevitt himself states, "I've been here since, really since the beginning with John since '72 back when he helped to end the Vietnam war." 2/24/2004
COLGAN: Now a State prosecutor, Jim McDevitt was lying wounded in a hospital bed when he first met John Kerry. It was the third time the young sergeant had been shot and he was taking home four purple heart combat medals. John Kerry was an activist visiting the injured men to persuade them the war in Vietnam was wrong.

JIM McDEVITT: I went into the room to see a man who I felt was betraying my cause and my suffering, the room suddenly got very very quiet and we just rolled away at that point, everybody going their own separate way and no one discussed it any further but over the next days I had, we recognised that they weren't our enemy. These were our brothers.
McDevitt has been a prosecutor in Massachusetts and a friend of Kerry's for 32 years. (My 60's math tells me that's three years after Kerry left Vietnam.)

Oddly, he puts their friendship at 30 years in this (pdf) Daily Free Press article dated Mar 3, 2004. Seems he can't keep his story any straighter than Kerry can.

So, Kerry's "crewmates" are:
  • Jim Rassmann - not a Kerry crewmate, US Army Green Beret, spent one documented day with him
  • Pat Runyon - not a Kerry crewmate, served with Kerry for one documented night
  • Skip Barker - not a Kerry crewmate, OinC of PCF 31, patroled 10 days with Kerry
  • Wade Sanders - not a Kerry crewmate, OinC of PCF 98, can't find any patrols they did together
  • Jim McDevitt - never served with Kerry, US Marine
  • Reverend David Alston - served no more than one week with Kerry, still not confirmed
  • Steve Hatch - PCF 44
  • Jim Wasser - PCF 44
  • Drew Whitlow - PCF 44
  • Bill Zaladonis - PCF 44
  • Del Sandusky - PCF 94
  • Fred Short - PCF 94
  • Gene Thorsen - PCF 94
  • Mike Medeiros - PCF 94