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Sunday, August 22, 2004

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More clarity on Kerry's "exploits"

John O'Neill was interviewed by Human Events Online on Friday, and he provided a great deal more clarity about what the Swift vets know and what they have documented. There were several very interesting revelations in O'Neill's account, including a hint that Rear Admiral Schachte will be speaking publicly at some point in the future. Another interesting revelation was this -- "There is confusion as to which of those two guys were on the boat. It is clear that John Kerry was on the boat. It is clear that Admiral Schachte was on the boat. As to [whether both Zaldonis and Runyon were on the boat] there is confusion as to that point."

Now that's a new twist to the story of Kerry's first Purple Heart. I haven't seen any speculation that one of either Zaladonis or Runyon were not on the boat that night. O'Neill clearly is saying that it's at least no proveable that both were. It makes me very curious to know what more the Swiftvets know that they're not yet telling. So far they seem to have handled the controversy quite ably - first with the April press conference to make their presence known, then with the release of the first ad, followed closely by the release of the book and then the second ad.

A betting man would say they have not yet played their full hand [b]and[/b] they have saved the trump card for last. I think Kerry is in [b]serious[/b] trouble, and I suspect this election has already been won by Bush. It's simply a matter of time because the voting doesn't occur until November 2nd. Veterans' minds are being made up right now, and they aren't deciding to vote for Kerry.