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Thursday, September 02, 2004

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Today was a very busy day

I was very busy today, so I haven't had much time to blog. Here's some stuff you might be interested in looking at.

I put up some pictures of Swift boats that a vet sent me. They include John Kerry's PCF 44 in Cam Ranh Bay in January 69.

There's an increasing number of op-eds appearing that really excoriate Kerry for his treatment of the Swiftvets, his anti-war activities and his Vietnam war record. Here's a sampling.

The Secretary of the Navy has received a complaint asking for an investigation of John Kerry's medals.

An article in the Washington Post discusses how Kerry has been "boxed in by seemingly contradictory statements" while he shakes up his campaign staff because he's striving to regain momentum he's lost and his poll numbers are dropping.

An article in Newsday discusses Kerry's aides' admissions that they underestimated the impact of the Swiftboat ads.

The Weekly Standard says the Kerry campaign is in disarray. They report that privately Kerry's aides say he is "bouncing off the walls" with frustration.

Apparently Zell Miller's speech so angered liberals that they're foaming at the mouth, calling Miller a "bitter old nigger-hater", someone who has "sold his soul" to Karl Rove, and much more.

UPDATE: I removed the picture of Kerry and Fonda. It turns out its a doctored photo.