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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

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Working through the morass

Beldar has been plowing through Tour of Duty. (I have to confess, I stopped. I found it so ponderous it's been really difficult to pick it back up and work on it some more.) In doing so, Beldar has uncovered more inconsistencies and some that damn Brinkley specifically. As my readers know, I've discussed Brinkley's stunning inadequacies in earlier posts. Beldar puts another nail in the coffin, proving that Brinkley had to know what he was doing and therefore chose to ignore the glaring inconsistencies in Kerry's story.

For those of us who have been pursuing this story it's not really news, but the constant drumbeat of more and more lies has to wear down the resistance of the MSM sooner or later. They can't really ignore this story forever, can they?