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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

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A must read

If you have any questions why John Kerry is unfit for command, you need to read Adam Yoshida's essay. You can't get any more morally clear than this:
Regardless of the veracity of individual charges made by the Swift Boat Veterans from Truth, there is one single and utterly verifiable fact which convincingly proves their overall case that John Kerry is unfit for command. To put it simply: John Kerry's actions in supporting our enemies during the Vietnam War constitute a betrayal of the nation and its warriors that is simply unforgivable, either in this life or the next. As much as any other single individual, John Forbes Kerry contributed to the ultimate defeat in the Vietnam War. In this, the American Dolchstoss, John Kerry wielded a knife. Like Brutus, John Kerry may not have been the first to thrust the knife (and whatever actions he took may have come too late to decisively influence events) but he did participate: and for that he is condemned.
That's how Adam begins. He then goes one to discuss how our abandonment of Vietnam cost the people of that land dearly, a mark of shame for our nation that we can never erase.

What we can erase is the stain of betrayal that John Kerry smeared on our military.

Adam goes on to define precisely what the problem is:
The Vietnam experience has lasting relevance because it legitimized treason. Individuals, people like Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, and John Kerry were allowed to push the bounds of acceptable political discourse. I venture no prediction as to the exact fate of someone running around New York City waving a Nazi Flag during the Second World War, but I feel on safe ground in suggesting that it would be decidedly unpleasant (for them, at least). Today, on the other hand, people are free to advocate the victory of our enemies with impunity. Michael Moore calls terrorists who kill Americans the "new Minutemen" and he releases a $100 million movie. Protestors in New York City wave the flags of our enemies without repercussion. Because Fonda and Kerry got away with their treason, it has made it seemingly impossible to punish the treason of others today.
Now that's moral clarity!