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Sunday, August 29, 2004

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Want to know why vets are so pissed?

Someone has posted a summary of news articles from the period when John Kerry testified before Congress - know as Dewey Canyon III - and it shows clearly when we Vietnam vets are still pissed. For example, "At the Foreign Relations Committee hearing, the veterans gave a standing ovation to McGovern when he accused all American forces in Indochina of war crimes."

This is a US Senator accusing all American troops of war crimes! You don't get over something like that easily. No vet that I know of who served in Vietnam has ever argued that there were no atrocities committed. War itself is an atrocity. But to argue that all in-theatre troops committed atrocities is just a bit over the top, don't you think?

We've had to live with this stain for 30 years. Now John Kerry has stirred it up, bringing it back to the surface, and vets want him to pay for his lies. Here's what John said in 1971
"Guilty as Lieutenant Calley may have been of the actual act of murder," he said, "the verdict does not single out the real criminal. Those of us who have served in Vietnam know that the real guilty party is the United States of America."
The United States, he said, "finds some men guilty and some men innocent of the very same charges" and tries to "ease its conscience by scapegoating one man."
Now he's a war hero who is "sorry if he's offended anyone".