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Saturday, August 28, 2004

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This sums it up

An Army Major who spent five years in Vietnam and was a POW has written a letter which puts in to words what a lot of veterans feel about what John Kerry did when he returned from Vietnam and of the medals that he has. (I will not use the word earned, knowing what I know now.) It's lengthy, but you should read the entire letter.

There's an interesting postscript.
P.S. Rassman, don't send me another message telling me to "zip it." You belittle yourself with such statements. If you choose to support John it is alright with us. But to try and silence those who disagree is childish and absurd. You are not the keeper of the flame on honor and courage in that. Besides, a one legged Airborne Ranger called "Raider" might take umbrage with it.
There's another war going on right here in the US, between those who served honorably in Vietnam and the pretenders - those who claim they served honorably but did not - those who claim they served and never did - and those who betrayed their brothers with lies when they returned to the US.

These are trying times, but the sentiment that I detect at the Swiftvets discussion forum is that Vietnam vets are no longer going to sit and take it any more. They are prepared to fight again, this time for their honor and to correct the record of what took place in Vietnam, where most men served honorably and resent the label of "baby killer" that John Kerry attached to all of them. This battle may well go on past the election. The anger and resentment is deep, Kerry has brought it into full display, and many will not be satisfied with just his defeat at the polls.