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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

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Another op-ed takes on Kerry's antiwar record

I'm not sure where all this will end up. I personally think Kerry will withdraw from the Presidential campaign in disgrace. Time will tell. It's certain that he has much to answer for, and right now Kerry isn't answering anything. In this op-ed in the San Francisco Examiner Kathleen Antrim wonders if all the charges against Kerry could result in "serious consquences". With the Navy examining his records, Judicial Watch filing suit against him and the Swiftvets hounding him about his service in Vietnam and his antiwar activities, I don't blame Kerry for hiding. I would have left the country by now.

Sooner or later, however, he'll have to answer the charges one way or another. Having learned a great deal about Kerry over the past few weeks, I can't say I'd be surprised to see him trying to hang on until the end, but surely some of the saner heads in the Democratic party have to be talking to him about graceful exits and the like. If so, the sooner the move is made, the better chance the Democrats would have of making a race out of the election.

My assumption is that John Edwards would become the Presidential nominee, and the Democrats would enlist someone (Dick Gephardt? the much maligned [undeservedly so] Joe Lieberman?) to assume the Vice Presidential spot. They certainly couldn't replace Kerry with Howard Dean. I don't think Dennis Kuchinich is a likely candidate either.

The longer they wait, the more their chances of winning the White House in 2004 slip away.