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Sunday, September 26, 2004

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Disturbing WMD news

The London Telegraph is reporting that Syria is working on a secret deal with Iran to transfer some Iraqi nuclear scientists (that Syria has been secretly harboring) to Iran because Syria is beginning to feel the heat from the US. (Perhaps this is an admission that Bush will most likely win the election and things won't go well for them afterwards?)

This news is disturbing on several fronts. First, if Syria was harboring Iraqi nuclear scientists, then that gives greater credibility to reports that chemical and biological weapons were transferred from Iraq to Syria in the run-up to OIF. Why would Sadaam only transfer the scientists and not other technology that he had? Why have western nations rejected this idea and assumed that all of the western intelligence agencies were wrong? This defies logic.

Second, Iran is already hard at work developing their own nuclear program. This will give them a boost, allowing them to finish their development more quickly. None of this is comforting news considering that both regimes happily harbor terrorists. It's bad enough that we have to deal with the terrorists in Iraq, who are trying desparately to kill the newly planted flower of freedom. If they obtain nuclear material from Iran or Syria, which is certainly a possibility, then we can assume they will try very hard to use it in Iraq or even here in the US.

Finally, Iran has successfully tested a new strategic missile which is capable of hitting both Israel and any US troops stationed in the Mideast. Coupled with their rapidly developing nuclear program, trouble lies directly ahead. I suspect Iran is working feverishly to complete their program while the US is still busy in Iraq. In fact, Iran is working hard to keep the US busy in Iraq by importing intelligence agents and terrorists into Iraq to resupply their numbers as our troops kill them.

Hat tip to Captain Ed for both stories.