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Friday, September 24, 2004

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Patterico discusses monkeys

Patterico linked to WaPo and discusses Tina Brown's "monkeys typing" article.

Personally, I couldn't get past the first paragraph.
Are the media having a nervous breakdown?

The Dan Rather affair looks like yet another giant freakout in the patient's collapse. For Rather and CBS, all the conflicting tensions that torture journalists and producers day and night came together. The broiling partisan heat, the pressure to get out of third place with a scoop, the hot breath of cable news, the race to beat all the hacks and scribes who keep nibbling away at the story (your story, the story you've spent five years trying to get right), the baying of the bloggers, the sick sense of always being news-managed by the White House's black arts, the longing to show the Web charlatans and cable-heads that rumpled-trenchcoat news is still where the action is, the pounding inner soundtrack that asks: Am I a watchdog or a poodle? A journalist or an entertainer? A tough newsman or a mouse with mousse?
Brown completely misses the point, so I guess I'm going to have to point it out to her.

Tina, if you spend five years working on a story and the best you can do is a partisan hack and forged documents from another partisan hack and you put that on the air (or in your newspaper in your case), then I doubt seriously it was the competition that made you do it. It's an interesting defense, but Flip Wilson already has the copyright.

BTW, if any of my readers are talented with graphics and willing to create a graphic of a monkey in pajamas, I'd be delighted to use it as my picture on my blog.

Which reminds me.....some may wonder who I am and/or what I look like. I have deliberately chosen to remain anonymous (as much as is possible on the Internet, which isn't much) because I think the ideas are what's important, not who I am.