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Monday, September 20, 2004

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Lockhart involved in CBS mess

The AP (via Drudge) is reporting that Joe Lockhart talked to Bill Burkett on the phone. This means two members of the Kerry campaign have admitted to talking to Burkett. (Max Cleland is the other one.)

This is even stranger
Lockhart said Mapes asked him the weekend before the story broke to call Burkett. "She basically said there's a guy who is being helpful on the story who wants to talk to you," Lockhart said, adding that it was common knowledge that CBS was working on a story raising questions about Bush's Guard service. Mapes told him there were some records "that might move the story forward. She didn't tell me what they said."
So we now have two members of the Kerry campaign involved and we have CBS working directly with the campaign, feeding them "helpful" information.

But there was no coordination. Oh, and CBS is an ethical news organization. :-)

UPDATE: USA Today is carrying the story as well.