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Friday, September 24, 2004

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News items of interest

Memories of the old dial-up days are with me again. I had forgotten how painfully slow dial-up is.

I couple of news items that I think you might find interesting.

President Bush suprised some Guard troops heading for Iraq by boarding their plane, shaking their hands, offering them words of encouragement and comfort and posing for pictures with them. I'm sure some will find a cynical explanation, but I think this is Bush just being himself - one of the guys, "hangin' with the crew" if you will. No pretense. No thought for polls and politics. Just concern for the folks who go in harm's way.

The UN is apparently under attack, from National Review Online as well as Victor Davis Hanson, in "U. N.? Who Cares?".

My sentiments exactly. The UN still can play a roll in humanitarian aid, perhaps, but as the arbiter of national disputes, the UN is morally bankrupt and not worthy of our trust or our money.