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Friday, September 24, 2004

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Surprising mention from Sneakeasy's Joint

I was more than a little surprised to find Sneakeasy talking about my first post to this blog. I have trouble just keeping up with the events of one day, trying to read all the blogs that address an issue that interests me. Somehow Sneakeasy found the time to read the first post I ever made. I just got done reading it myself, and I have to admit, I've remained true to my purpose, as far as I can tell. I also noticed my first post was not short, a characteristic that seems the norm, rather than the exception, for me. I admire people like Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds who can be very short and concise, but that's not me. I assume that my regular readers enjoy reading my lengthy posts or they probably wouldn't return. Since, in the end, I write for myself and for my own satisfaction, in some sense it doesn't really matter. I admit that I enjoy knowing that people are reading my posts, so in that sense, readers really do matter. As I'm sure my readers know, I could go on indefinitely, so I guess I'd better stop while I'm ahead. :-)