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Saturday, September 25, 2004

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Interesting take on the Swiftvets

Instapundit pointed to an op-ed in WaPo that clearly explains what Kerry's problem is with Vietnam vets. This from some black men who served honorably and would normally vote Democrat in any national election.
"I served my 13 months in combat. Returned in 1972 with the Bronze Star and the Vietnamese Technical Services Honor Medal to a very anti-Vietnam America. [Harry] "Butch" Robinson, Denny [Dennis] Hightower, and many more that you know did the same. We endured the pain of separation from our loved ones, were frightened when the rockets came in to camp and lives were lost. But we were never unfit for command.

"Kerry still hasn't satisfied me and many others. . . . It's September and I'm still conflicted. Speaking for myself, it is NOT enough that he served!" Those aren't the thoughts of a Republican-funded, right-wing, over-the-top Swift boat veteran. Ignore them, Kerry camp, at your peril.
Personally, I think the divide is much wider and much deeper than the polls are showing, and I suspect that vets will make this election a landslide for Bush as they reject the leftist, anti-war views Kerry espoused in 1971 and the press has promoted ever since.