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Saturday, September 25, 2004

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Scathing op-ed by Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn excoriates both Kerry and the press in a no-holds-barred editorial. Here's how he closes his argument, discussing the press.
They're six feet from Iraq's head of government and they've got not a question for him. They've got no interest in Iraq except insofar as they can use the issue to depress sufficient numbers of swing voters in Florida and Ohio.

Who's living in the fantasyland here? Huge forces are at play in a world of rapid change. As the prime minister said, ''We Iraqis will stand by you, America, in a war larger than either of our nations.'' But the gentlemen of the press can barely stifle their ennui. Say what you like about the old left, but at least they were outward-looking and internationalist. This new crowd -- Democrats and media alike -- are stunted and parochial, their horizons shriveling more every day.
Steyn is right. The press does a great disservice to this country because of their bias.

Thank God for bloggers.