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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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NY Times loses a source

I haven't written before about the NY Times article, written by Sarah Boxer, about Ali and his brothers because — well — I really didn't think it was worthy of comment (sort of like the Corey Pein article about Rathergate.) Besides it's been all over the blogosphere (almost unanimously negative) anyway.

Now Ali has put in his two cents.
I had around 45 minutes long phone call with the reporter about my journey with Iraq the Model, my new site, the elections, the general situation here in Baghdad but she (or the paper) seems to have a certain agenda and managed to change the whole issue into a very silly gossip (going as far as quoting trolls!) that is way beneath any respectable paper and certainly beneath me so I won't give it more attention but lesson learned and I won't make the mistake of talking to anyone from the NY times again.
He also pokes Juan Cole again, which is too funny for words.