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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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Evidence of Syrian and Iranian involvement....

....in Iraq, obtained from Muayed Al-Nasseri, the captured commander of the Army of Muhammad.
In his confessions, Al-Nasseri speaks of substantial Iranian and Syrian aid for the insurgency. He says that the Army of Muhammad got aid primarily from Iran: "The truth is that Iran has played a significant role in supporting the Army of Muhammad and many factions of the resistance. I have some units, especially in southern Iraq, which receive Iranian aid in the form of arms and equipment." Al-Nasseri reveals that other insurgent factions received even greater aid from Iran. He says that he has "reliable information" that the National Islamic resistance, led by Asi Al Hadithi, sent a delegation to Iran that "met with Iranian intelligence and with a number of Iranian leaders and even with Khamenei."

As for Syrian support, Al-Nasseri states that cooperation with Syria began in October 2003: "Through the Ba'th party -- the Arab Socialist Ba'th Party operates in Syria with complete freedom. It maintains its relations and organizes the Ba'th members outside Iraq. The Syrian government is fully aware of this, and the Syrian intelligence cooperates fully, as well as the Ba'th Party, in Syria."
Obviously the administration knows about this, since they've been doing the interrogation. The question is, what will they do about it? Covert teams to take out Ba'athist leaders in Syria? Invade Syria? Or Iran?

I believe I would have Predators patrolling the borders 24/7, and record all movements that aren't vetted by border guards. I'd bet there's some serious satellite surveillance going on as well.