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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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More Muslim tyranny

The Counterterrorism Blog has published a document purporting to be from the Islamic Army in Iraq that attempts to call all Muslims to arms against the "infidels". Of course "infidel" is defined as "anyone who disagrees with us", but no matter, they claim to represent Allah, so who can question them?

How's this for logic? Rule number one of their document states, "Ruling is for Allah alone—not for the people—and the people should merely obey Allah's commands and his Islamic law..."

Since Allah apparently can't do this on his own, the imams must intervene on his behalf and tell the people what to do and how to behave. If this sounds familiar, it is. Since time immemorial, men have set themselves up as priests who speak on God's behalf and have used that power to oppress and enslave generation after generation. It has been this way in every religion, and is today, except for those places where religion has been driven from the government and consigned to its rightful place — personal belief and practice.

And what do Allah's (supposed) imams want his "people" to do? Kill everyone who disagrees with the imams, regardless of sex, race, creed or country of origin until there is no one left on the face of the earth who does not worship the mighty imams Allah.
"O' Mujahideen! Know that fighting is not considered jihad unless undertaken in the cause of the religion, as said by the Prophet (PBUH): 'He who kills for the existence of the word of Allah, He is the Highest for he is in the path of Allah.' Also, jihad must be the best way to serve that cause, as the praised one [Allah] has said: 'And kill them until there is no more dissent and the religion of Allah is supreme'...
Real fine fellows these. They send everybody else's children off to die for Allah while they sit on their asses and pontificate.

Islam may well be a "religion of peace", but the religion these guys represent is the religion of murder and mayhem, hatred and inhumanity. Hopefully they will get their seventy virgins soon, and Iraq can move on to join humanity again.