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Monday, January 17, 2005

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On exit strategies

I've always said that exit strategies are for losers and wimps. "Exit strategy" is an execrable term used by liberals — a rancid leftover of the Vietnam war. Any military that enters a conflict with an exit strategy in place is planning for failure.

Now Blackfive reprints an email from a Marine, and in the email the Marine tells the story of a visit from a commanding general.

Here are the General's words —
What General Dunford said to the Staff in his closing remarks was one of the most brilliant, and yet simple things I think I have ever heard and communicates what I have been trying to communicate to you, but without the requisite intelligence or prose.  He said, and again I paraphrase, "you hear talk in the media and other places of an exit strategy.  Usually communicated in the form of a question, such as, what is our exit strategy?

Well, professional Warriors DO NOT ESTABLISH EXIT STRATEGIES, WE ACHIEVE AN END STATE!  And our end state in Iraq is a freely and democratically elected government in Iraq, sustained and protected by a viable, competent and professional security force.

Have we won?...NO, are we winning?...YES!"
I wasn't a Marine. I was Navy. But the Marines are a part of the Navy, and I've always felt a closeness to them. We transport them around the world. Our medics go in to battle with them and save their lives. We support their missions.

To the General, all I can say is — Hooyah!