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Sunday, January 16, 2005

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Everything I stand for....

....everything I've written about....the entire purpose my blog exists, is wrapped up in this one post. This is the future. The reality is that the people who are there will be the reporters of the future, not the "journalists" who look for deeper meanings and try to make every story fit their world view. And you will be able to get that news in your home, on demand, when you want it and what you want, without anyone deciding what you will and won't know about.
"War Created Haven, CIA Advisers Report" if you believe the Washington Post

But if you actually read the report, you'll see it says nothing of the sort. In fact, the 123 page report says little at all about Iraq. Iraq is only mentioned 8 times in the entire report.

The report does not claim that the war is creating new terrorists. Rather it simply points out the obvious: while the terrorists of the past were battle-hardened in Afghanistan, the terrorist leaders of the future will have been battle-hardened in Iraq (if they weren't killed- a point the report makes). This is not an A1 Washington Post story.

The report does not even tackle the question of whether or not the war in Iraq has, on net, added to or subtracted from the total number of terrorists. I would argue that the report is most newsworthy for its lack of attention to Iraq. But again, that doesn't fit with the narrative the Post is trying to sell.
This is just the beginning. The world is changing before your eyes, and the future is bright. Truth will no longer be hostage to gatekeepers. And you will no longer be tied to a company in New York that decides for you what your reality will be.