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Saturday, January 15, 2005

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Honesty in Egypt

An Egyptian intellectual published an article that is highly critical of the hypocrisy of Islamists.
"The 'democratic' Al-Qaradhawi issued a fatwa permitting the killing of Americans in Iraq. But he did not demand of his son Muhammad to leave his university in Florida to join the mujahideen. He did not demand of his youngest son to leave the American University in Cairo and seek martyrdom. When he demanded a boycott of America and England, he had three daughters studying in England, and one daughter studying in Texas...

"At the same time as the Muslims were stressing that America was sinking in the Iraqi quagmire, they fell upon the Iraqi dinar following the [U.S.] invasion, buying up many, because in their hearts they knew that the value of the Iraqi currency would rise because of the invasion. This is tremendous self-deception... We buy Iraqi dinars as an investment, and give 96% of our votes to support Al-Qa'ida's massacres in Iraq..."
It's an amazing article. He skewers many of the major leaders of jihad, including the foul C.A.I.R. (Council of American Islamic Relations), which is one of the most hypocritical of all.

He closes with this.
"This world that we fight against, covet, and hate [i.e. America and the West] has in the past sacrificed 40 million to defend its freedoms — [freedoms] that we do not understand — and is more zealous about them than we are about our Islam... We all know that they obtained their rights in the past and that they know how to obtain them [today], and are capable of doing so.

"Are there any wise [men] in the nation of the Bedouin? Is anyone listening? I call upon you ... to awaken from the death throes of your legends, because every one of us has children whom we want to live in a different time and a different culture..."
One can only hope that his tribe will increase.