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Friday, January 14, 2005

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Morose thoughts from Baghdad

Alaa inveighs against the Ba'athists and terrorists who make life miserable for everyone, but he has not lost his determination.
Well, I am sorry, but these are horrible thoughts for the New Year. Nevertheless, do not go thinking that we have weakened. This time America is right, and the Iraqi people will never allow the clock to be turned back. No matter what sacrifices are required: We Shall Overcome.

Love to all our friends in America and elsewhere: You shall be proud of the Iraqi people, your grateful friends.
Meanwhile, zeyad complains about the miserable situation in Baghdad.
Since I've moved recently from Basrah to work in a suburb of the capital, I have discovered how problematic and difficult it is to cross Baghdad from one side to the other. Taxi drivers charge incredible fees and I don't blame them, so instead I have to rely on buses, the Kia or Pregio minibuses which Iraqis call Kayyat. I have to take 3 to reach the clinic with some walking between each. Normally, it takes about 2 hours to reach work, and much more if there is a problem on the road. Say, an American patrol, a roadside bomb, a suicide attack, an ambush or something of the sort.
Pray for our Iraqi friends. The fiends are wreaking havoc and evil is swarming through the land.

These are dark days for Iraqis, but the stench of Sadaam and his henchmen still lingers in Iraqi nostrils and for them there is no turning back to those noisome days.