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Thursday, January 13, 2005

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Washington state is a mess

So many problems. So little time.

It turns out that military voters got their ballots on time after all. It just took a lawsuit to get the election board to comply with the law.

Some Washingtonians are circulating a petition to recall Sam Reed, the Republican Secretary of State who has provided cover for the Democrats, who stole the governorship.

King County officials are claiming the 1217 more ballots than voters (it's actually more like 2100) is in line with previous elections. The truth is the numbers are similar (1230 in 2000) but the direction is the opposite. In 2000 there were 1230 less ballots than voters. In 2004 there were 2100+ more ballots than voters. Since Gregoire "won" by 129 votes — well, you figure it out.

The same people who used to argue that manual recounts are never as accurate as machine recounts now insist that hand recounts are more accurate. (Of course they do — their candidate lost the machine recount and "won" the hand recount.)

Meanwhile investigators have discovered 76 more felons who voted in King County.

62% of Washingtonians want a do-over.

Gee. Ya think?