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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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Wouldn't it be nice....

....if black "leaders" would honor Colin Powell the way President Bush does?
The president noted that [Martin Luther] King's was a life well lived, and recognized the lives of two others — Powell and his wife Alma, who received the John Thompson Legacy of a Dream Award. The award is named after the former head coach of the Georgetown University men's basketball team and is presented each year to a leader who represents King's ideals and commitment to community service.

He praised the couple, who met on a blind date and married in 1962, and noted that Powell began an exceptional career long before segregation had ended.

Bush recalled how Powell had faced unintentional discrimination as a young lieutenant, when a superior officer told him he was the best black lieutenant he had ever known. Bush quoted Powell's memoirs in which the secretary noted that the officer underestimated Powell if he were comparing him only to black lieutenants and not all of his peers.

In the end, Powell rose to the rank of four-star general, becoming chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and serving in the administrations of six presidents.
It's amazing to me that a man of such accomplishment can be ignored by black "leaders".