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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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Hammorabi makes an interesting point

Today Hammorabi posted some thoughts about what's going on in the MidEast, and he makes a very interesting point.
n 1990s the democracy in East Europe started in one place and spread like the electrical current to other places so quickly. Not so late after that the world discovered that the parts which remained under the totalitarian role represent the evil and danger which may lead to world catastrophe. The international community then acted to exterminate them.

Now the rulers in the ME are facing the same thing which happened in the East Europe. The changes are started and its an inevitable.
I can't imagine he's the only one who's thought this. If that's true (and it almost surely is) then there may be a groundswell rising in the MidEast. If the common man begins to think that the tide of freedom is "inevitable", it becomes almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

With the US and the coalition pushing hard in that direction as well, it's difficult to see how the Middle Eastern rulers can stem the tide before it changes them forever. Especially when you consider how the eyes of the world, through the Internet, are intensely focused on events in that region, getting away with the old abuses will be much more difficult to do and to hide if done. These are interesting days indeed.