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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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The case for more border agents....

....is certainly bolstered by this news.
Federal authorities from San Diego are investigating a border tunnel discovered by Mexican authorities over the weekend, it was reported Monday.

The tunnel connected a luxurious Mexicali residence to neighboring Calexico in Imperial County, officials with the Mexican Federal Attorney General's Office told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Inside the passageway, investigators discovered lighting and ventilation equipment, a closed-circuit security system, hydraulic machinery and various tools, Mexican authorities told the newspaper.

The finding led agents to believe that the tunnel was presumably used for drug trafficking, Mexican authorities told the Union-Tribune.

A middle section of the tunnel was initially discovered in the United States early Friday by U.S. Border Patrol agents checking for tunnels in a residential area of Calexico, the newspaper reported. It is the third tunnel found in Calexico in the past 15 months.
Three tunnels in one town in 15 months? I'd say we need more agents on the border, wouldn't you?