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Monday, February 28, 2005

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Good News From Iraq....

....part 22 from Arthur Chrenkoff is out. Enjoy. Here's one sample that caught my eye.
So writes David Ignatius in his recent column. Ignatius could hardly be described as an optimist on Iraq; much can still go wrong, as he and everyday news coverage painfully remind us, but as he writes, "for the moment, Iraq does seem to have turned a corner politically. The most telling sign is that the Sunnis who mostly boycotted the political process are now said to be looking for ways to get back in. One prominent Iraqi describes a recent meeting with leading Sunni sheikhs who complained that they had mistakenly assumed the Americans would lose their nerve, postpone the elections and thereby enhance the power of the insurgents. Now the sheikhs want a piece of the action."
I'd love to see Teddy Kennedy's reaction to that. Or the New York Times' editorial staff.