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Sunday, February 27, 2005

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A media critic in the media

A column by Jack Kelly takes the media to task for having missed every major development in the war on terror.
There are about 50-60 attacks a day on coalition forces, about half the pre-Fallujah level. Almost all are within the Sunni Triangle, and most are ineffective. "Most of these are ambush-style attacks that result in no casualties," noted StrategyPage.com.

The news media report the attacks, but tend not to report, as StrategyPage does, that "dozens, sometimes over a hundred, of the attackers, or suspects, are arrested every day."

Unbalanced reporting has given Americans a false impression of how the war is going, said Austin Bay, a retired colonel in the Army Reserve who was called to active duty in Iraq last year.
Austin Bay, of course, is a blogger, as are more than a few other members of the military who are bypassing the media to take their story straight to the people.

The end result, as Kelly points out, is that the media is "out of it".
Those who get their news from the "mainstream" media are surprised by developments in Iraq, as they were surprised by our swift victory in Afghanistan, the sudden fall of Saddam Hussein, the success of the Afghan election and the success of the Iraqi election.

Journalists demand accountability from political leaders for "quagmires" which exist chiefly in the imagination of journalists. But when will journalists be held to account for getting every major development in the war on terror wrong?
What could possibly condemn the performance of the media more than the accusation that they are uninformed? (Hat tip to Powerline.)