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Saturday, February 26, 2005

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Nothing lost....

....in translation. Although Hammorabi's grasp of English isn't the polished, smooth prose of an English writer, his point comes through loud and clear.
The world witnessed a lot of major changes since late 1980s yet the Arab world remained sleepy and controlled by worn-out dictators. We wrote before about how this oppressions affecting the Arab world and resulted in hate towards the West especially the USA. In one word the ordinary Arab citizen thinks that his government is appointed by the USA to oppress him or her. So, if any negative thing happens in his life he blames the USA which appointed and supported his leaders to oppress, hijack his/her freedom and kill him. On the other side both the governments and the oppositions directly or indirectly blame the USA which makes the hate a growing vicious cycle born with the individual!

We think, at least until now, that George W Bush diagnosed rightly this illness especially after the events of 11 Sep 2001. GWB seems determined to treat the cause of the illness which is by switching off the conspiracy theory direct towards hating the USA and the west. Real democracy and freedom is the medicine or the mechanic which will fix the anomaly and change the direction towards peace and trust. Every one know that have the 11 Sep 2001 events carried out by simple airplanes but not every one knows what will happen if these airplanes carry out dirty weapons inside them! This is what we would like to prevent for every country and not only for the USA.
His closing remarks are particularly incisive.
Changes in the Arab world are not important for the region but for the world and the future. It is very abnormal to have dictators based on the era of the cold war in one region of the world. This will make the region concerned moving in a different direction from the rest of the world which will make the ship clumsy. The clumsiness will affect every one in the ship of the Earth and not only that part which is abnormal!
Abnormal indeed. It took the bold, decisive leadership of "the cowboy" to destroy the mold of "realism" and set the world on a new path. Only grudgingly will the world admit that Bush was right all along. All the racist prejudice that said that Arabs couldn't "do" democracy has been exposed. All the fear that predicted civil war and uninterruptable violence has been proven wrong. All the elitist rhetoric that claimed you couldn't impose democracy on a region through force has fallen under the swift, decisive action of the coalition.

For all the complaints about the mishandling of Iraq and all the silence following the success in Afghanistan, the end result is silencing the critics who mishandled the evidence and making mincemeat of all the "experts" who ignored the self-evident.