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Friday, February 25, 2005

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Up is down and left is right

Remember the Taliban? Well now they're "insurgents".
Taliban insurgents launched three attacks in southeastern Afghanistan in heavy combat that left 19 dead — including 10 rebels killed by U.S. troops, officials said Friday. An American soldier was wounded.

At least nine Afghan soldiers were killed when rebels ambushed their vehicle in Helmand province on Thursday, said Haji Wali Mohammed, a spokesman for the governor.
Note that the AP calls them "insurgents" without quotes. Later they will call them "rebels". Yet, when the Afghan government calls them "terrorists", the AP puts that in quotes.
"We lost contact with the Afghan soldiers late Thursday, and their bodies were found today," he said, adding that authorities would hunt down and arrest the "terrorists" who carried out the attack.

Taliban rebels claimed responsibility for the ambush in the district of Chakul.
The media wants you to believe that they are striving to be neutral and not make value judgments. That's why, they say, that they use the word "insurgents" rather than terrorists. Despite this claim, they make an obvious value judgment by quoting the word terrorists when quoting the Afghan official.

It's extemely hypocritical to claim neutrality while clearly slanting the story in the direction they want it to go.