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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Do muslims have a problem?

Discerning Texan certainly thinks so. He's bothered by muslim's miserable world-wide record of violence and wonders of muslim can ever get along with their fellow man.

I think Iraq answered that question definitively, but the Texan is right to be concerned. Muslims should be too. What bothers me more is not the ones who do violence. We have plenty of those right here in America. Just yesterday a man in Dallas confessed to killing his pregnant ex-wife and his 11 year old son. This morning I heard on the news that a couple was arrested for sexually assaulting their seven month old baby.

What bothers me more is that a Muslim leader hasn't arisen to profoundly condemn the actions of the Islamists. It's time for the civilized Muslims of the world to rise and condemn, in no uncertain terms, the Wahhabist philosophy of conversion or death.

If they do not, the Texan's predictions may well come true.