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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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Lebanese try to form a new government

One day after massive protests prompted the puppet government to collapse, the Lebanese president is attempting to form a new government.
Hundreds of protesters blowing whistles and chanting anti-Syrian slogans returned to central Beirut on Tuesday after forcing out the pro-Damascus prime minister, and Lebanon's president sought candidates for a new government.

About 400 people marched through downtown demanding the resignation of pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud and the withdrawal of Syrian soldiers. On Monday, 25,000 flag-waving demonstrators demanded — and got — Prime Minister Omar Karami's resignation.

"We will be here every day until the last Syrian soldier withdraws from our land," one activist said through a loudspeaker. The crowd, blowing whistles, chanted back: "Freedom. Sovereignty. Independence."
The next few days are crucial. It should be interesting to see what, if anything, Assad does. I suspect he will quietly withdraw his troops from Lebanon — as quietly as is possible under the circumstances, and then insist that the government was never controlled by Syria — they were just there to provide security.