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Thursday, February 10, 2005

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TBone is upset....

....about double standards.
The military is made up of regular citizens, run by regular citizens, and paid for by regular citizens. We are a microcosm of American society. Why is it every time military members do something vaguely wrong, that outsiders want to harshly criticize them?
What got him exercised is the uproar over the mud wrestling incident. But what bothers him more is the impossible standard that is applied to the military while civilians have no such standards.
How can soldiers unwind? There are very few outlets for warriors to "blow off steam", and trust me the steam builds up. Soldiers get frustrated and angry, and end up doing stupid things like mud wrestling. I know the military must have a higher standard to ensure "good order" and "discipline", but sometimes we go a little too far just to appease the press and present a perfect "face". The guys (and gals) who serve are regular folks who perform an extraordinarily difficult job. They are not super-human. We have to figure out a way to let them release stress like other people do.

Bottom line is this: Yes, military members require and possess more discipline than their civilian counterparts, but nonetheless are subject to a very demanding lifestyle. Give them a break and take into consideration the extreme stress they live with on a daily basis. Find a way to let them blow off some steam legitimately. Let them throw a unit BBQ occasionally and let them have a few beers. Do anything to let them relax and feel like human beings. Because if they can't legitimately relieve their stress, they will do it anyway (the rules be damned.) Then if one of them decides to partake in a little sophomoric fun don't be surprised, and don't make a big deal about it in the news either. They are after all, only human.
Is he right? Some will disagree, I'm sure, but I think TBone has a point.