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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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The police are getting tough....

....in Mosul.
Iraqi security forces, including members of the National Guard and the new Iraqi army and the Special Forces dispatched to Mosul, succeeded in arresting a gang which committed kidnapping and killings and robberies in the village of Sadira, district of Sharkaar. A source in the Ninawa police department said that the operation launched in the village of Sadira had for background an attempt to kidnap the brother of the police chief Friday afternoon. The security forces were able, after less than 48 hours, to free the kidnapped and arrest many members of a gang suspected of slaughtering innocents, raping, killing and blackmail. It seems that the abduction of the brother of the police chief came after a televised message broadcasted a few days ago by the Ninawa TV, in which the police chief urged, in very strong words, all insurgents in Mosul and its regions to hand over their weapons within 15 days, saying that in case they don’t obey this order he will demolish houses and shops over their inhabitants.
OK, it's not the way we do things in America — first we claim eminent domain — then we take their houses. :-)