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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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In case you were wondering....

....how Sunnis are feeling about the Iraqi elections, Athena has the scoop. (Emphasis hers.)
This post in the Mahjoob forum under "Iraqi Occupation" is interesting.  One Iraqi posts tons of pictures of people voting and he gets flak from a person named "Fallojah" who is anti-Shia has this as his graphic:

But, another person called "Iraqi solider" [soldier] says this:

I'm Sunni and now there's a fatwa in my region to kill terrorists. don't think that Sunnis are against the new Iraq, those are just Saddams orphelins and Arab terrorists who kill and want to destroy Iraq. people were scared to say no to those criminals now that's changing and we captured tens of those terrorists and gave them to authoritys. Sunni tournout was low that's sadly true but that will be diffrent in 10 months next election.
A Sunni fatwa to kill terrorists? My goodness. That's headline news.....at least it would be if Clinton were President.....