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Monday, February 07, 2005

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More evidence....

....that Iraqis are handling their own security.
Soldiers from the 102nd Iraqi Army Battalion were working a checkpoint north of Al Hawd when they discovered Abdullah Mohammed Khalif Al-Jaburi, brother of the Mosul chief of police, in the truck of a vehicle being searched. The two people in the vehicle were detained and Khalif was returned to Mosul. Suspects are in custody with no ISF injuries reported.

Iraqi Security Forces have stepped up their involvement in security operations and are conducting numerous independent operations. In preparation for the elections in Iraq, a great deal of emphasis was placed on security. That security posture was bolstered by increased numbers of ISF and their increased capability to provide security for their country.
It's just a matter of time before the people of Iraq begin turning in the murderers among them and the end is in sight for the terrorists.

UPDATE: Friends of Democracy reports that a massive manhunt is on in Mosul.
A source in the Special Forces of the interior ministry assigned to the security in the city of Mosul announced that the Special Forces have arrested on Wednesday February 2 the gang of the escaped criminal Khaled Jassem, an inhabitant of Al Wahda street on the left side of the city who is known under the name Khaled Ben Zakiya. The source said that the Special Forces are still chasing him, helped by decent citizens who wanted to join the Special Forces in cleaning the city from criminal and thugs. He described these people as dissolute because they killed over 300 persons, kidnapped 50 girls and blackmailed citizens with no pity. The Ninawa local television had showed a video film of the members of the gang of Khaled Jassem confessing their deeds and giving the names of leaders in their criminal network. The same source called on the citizens to inform the security authorities on the whereabouts of these criminal, insisting that they will be chased wherever they hide. The general said: our forces will chase these criminals all over Iraq to eradicate them, adding that these terrorists have entered Iraq to kill its women and children, all this for the purpose of denigrating Islam, while Islam rejects them. He pledged in the name of the Special Forces to keep up their good work and sacrifice as long as necessary for the safety and sovereignty of Iraq and the return of peace and stability.