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Sunday, February 06, 2005

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Good news from Kuwait

The Kuwaitis appear to be serious about the war on terrorism.
Police and troops in armored personnel carriers used explosives to blast their way into a concrete block home in this run-down town Saturday, capturing five suspected terrorists holed up inside.

The men surrendered after police sealed off the neighborhood and raided the house in Sulaibiyah, a mainly Bedouin area about 12 miles west of Kuwait City. No one was injured in the operation.

The Interior Ministry said two of the five men captured are Saudi Arabian citizens and three are Jordanian. All were wanted by Kuwaiti authorities.

Sporadic small arms gunfire and a large explosion broke the night air as a police helicopter hovered overhead, shining a spotlight onto the scene. Police said the blast came from a charge troops used to demolish a door leading into the house.

Police on the scene said authorities were combing the area to ensure nobody escaped. Crowds of men wearing traditional long robes gathered on street corners watching the operation.

Police and Interior Ministry special forces in black ski masks and camouflage uniforms could be seen poised outside a row of dilapidated concrete block houses, with Humvees and armored personnel carriers parked nearby.

Saturday's raid was the fifth confrontation this year between police and al-Qaida-influenced Muslim fundamentalists accused of planning to attack Americans and Kuwaiti security forces.
At some point, people have to start wondering when the Saudis are going to stop promulgating terrorism around the world.