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Sunday, February 06, 2005

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Start the day off right....

....and read the story of Pfc. Husam Razaq Almusowi, an Iraqi-American, descendant of the prophet Mohammed, expatriate whose family escaped from Sadaam's Iraq in 1991, son of an Iraqi general who was sentenced to death by Sadaam's henchmen but saved by American bombs. Walking for days, his family escaped to Saudi Arabia where they were reunited with Husam's father, who escaped from prison on his execution day when American bombs blew the doors open.

In Husam you see the true Iraqis. Men of strength and courage and integrity, with compassion for their fellow citizens and a desire to see freedom reign in Iraq. Scroll down to find this beginning.
Pfc. Husam Razaq Almusowi was born in Iraq, but raised in Dearborn, Mich. When asked: Where are you from, he replies "that's a difficult question." According to his fellow Soldiers in the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, Almusowi's journey to become an American Soldier is an unforgettable tale of courage and sacrifice.
A young boy
Born in the southern Iraq city of Samawi, Almusowi lived the life of a prince. His room was covered in marble and his peers treated him like a god. In the Arabic culture, the name Almusowi is of great prominence. All Almusowis are thought to be descendents of the Islam Prophet Mohammed.
Even as a child, grown men would stand to their feet when Almusowi walked into a room and call him sir. "My family name garners great respect from Muslims, both the Shia and Sunnis," he said.
His father commanded a tank division for the Iraqi army, a position that contributed to the reverence of the Almusowi name. Although he was a brigadier general in Saddam's army, Almusowi's father did not believe in Saddam Hussein's leadership.
The writer shopped the story to several major US publications. No one wanted it. (So you know it must be good, and positive, and uplifting.)