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Sunday, February 06, 2005

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TBone weighs in on Gen. Mattis

His comments at the end of his post caught my eye.
Part of the problem is our government's reluctance to grow some manhood and finally allow our Marines and soldiers to be warriors. Military men (and women) can't even sing cadence-calls (songs used to maintain a consistent pace while running in formation) that talk about killing and war any longer. What's up with that? I remember being able to sing blood-and-guts cadence when I came in, and the troops were motivated. Phrases like, "don't die for your country, kill the other poor bastard for his" are now only whispered for fear of being labeled an "extremist" or some other such nonsense. Now we are told it is "inappropriate" or "inconsiderate of others" if we teach our Marines and soldiers to be hard-charging killers. Give me a damn break. Warriors kill people and break things, period! Let them do it, let them talk about it, and let them do their business. Keep up the good work General Mattis and tell those pansies to stuff it where the sun don't shine.
I've seen some ridiculous things in my life, but asking a warrior to whisper about killing when his job is to kill is about as intelligent as asking a teacher to be careful about discussing the lesson plan.