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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

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More Iraqi election news

It's impossible for me to write about everything I'm reading these days. So, like every editor, I choose what I post. I think I'm going to agree with Ali and "not [going to] pay attention to the naysayer anymore". Life's too short. The Iraqi elections proved several things. The greatest was that the desire for freedom is universal. Another was that the "insurgency" is more bark than bite. Yes, they kill people, and that is a tragedy for every person and family involved. But a lot more people died under Sadaam, and they didn't have freedom.

Patrick Henry is quoted as saying, "Give me liberty or give me death!" Noble words. The Iraqis lived these words just two days ago, marching to the voting places, directly into the face of evil, bound and determined that they would have one or the other. Their bravery gave them freedom. Only God knows what the result of their bold march to freedom will be, but I suspect it will have postive effects on the mid-east and on America's standing in the world.

I wrote the following in a comment on another blog today. I think it bears repeating.

Sgt Larry, I think you misinterpret Bush's modus operandi. His religion informs him deeply it's true, and he derives his guiding principles from his beliefs, but he does not make decisions about America for religious reasons.

For example, his inaugural address articulated a new foreign policy direction for America - one that places our principles in alignment with our policy - something we have never done before.

In the past, we were "realists", supporting dictatorships in the name of "stability" and "balance". Now, Bush is saying, America will no longer support leaders who abuse their people. Rather we will support leaders who base their decisions upon what is best for their own citizens, allowing their citizens a voice in the government and the freedom to decide for themselves the direction of their lives.

This policy is grounded in the selfsame godly principles upon which our country was founded, it's true.

The greater truth, however, is that we will no longer be hypocrites, espousing freedom at home and supporting slavery abroad. (I believe that hypocrisy has not served us well at all. Ask any Shiite how they feel about us abandoning them to Sadaam's murderers because we feared chaos and desired stability in Iraq.)

That isn't religious - it's good sense. One has to wonder why no American President thought of it before.