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Monday, January 31, 2005

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So many bozos, so little time

Yet another "expert" claims we're losing the war on terror in the cafes in Europe. As with most "experts", he's completely wrong. If we ever lose the war on terror, it will be in the media not in the cafes. If the Europeans had a clue what the truth is (and some, thankfully, do), they wouldn't have the attitude they have toward the US. But they are overwhelmed by a socialist media that wouldn't tell the truth if it hit them in the forehead. (Don't believe me? Ask any Frenchman is their military shot unarmed civilians in the Ivory Coast. Prepare for blank stares.)
As a result of 9/11 attacks, the US was indisputably in a position of moral ascendancy - that is, the unambiguous and near-universal perception that your cause is right. It is more than sympathy. It's "actionable sympathy." Moral ascendancy is to the diplomat, military attaché, or CIA case-officer what "being ahead in the count" is to the baseball pitcher. You are in the driver's seat. It is a good position to be in when you need help.

Serving in the intelligence community post-9/11, I learned that when your country has moral ascendancy, the most powerful intelligence collection tool isn't necessarily a $50 million satellite or a highly placed agent or source. It can be simply a business card.
His is the typical whine about how we went off track in Iraq after having the whole world with us after 9/11.

Shut up, get out of the way, and let us get on with the business of killing terrorists, moral equivocation and situational ethics all at the same time. We'll deal with the bozos later.