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Monday, November 22, 2004

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Outrage in the Ivory Coast

Little Green Footballs reports on a French outrage. In the Ivory Coast, a group of protestors, singing and chanting and peacefuly demonstrating, separated by what appears to be at least 50 yards or more from French troops, were fired upon without provocation resulting in the deaths and injuries of a number of unarmed civilians.

The videos are huge (over 100MB) so they will take quite a while to download, which is why I waited until I was at work.

This is the same French government that has been outspoken about Iraq. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

This is what passes for coverage in the old media. I saw the film. I can assure you there were more than three dead.

UPDATE: It appears the total is 7 dead and many more wounded. The French are clearly lying about what happened, but why should that surprise anyone? (Hat tip - again - LGF who broke this story. Where is the media???)