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Monday, January 31, 2005

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Fresh meat for liberals and other freedom haters

The AP reports that US military guards killed four detainees during a riot in Iraq.
U.S. guards opened fire Monday on prisoners during a riot at the main detention facility for security detainees, killing four of them, the U.S. command said. Six other prisoners were injured.

The riot broke out shortly after noon at the Camp Bucca internment facility near Umm Qasr in southern Iraq (news - web sites) after a routine search for contraband in one of the camp's 10 compounds, the command said in a statement.

"The riot quickly spread to three additional compounds, with detainees throwing rocks and fashioning weapons from materials inside their living areas." the statement said. "Guards attempted to calm the increasingly volatile situation using verbal warnings and, when that failed, by use of non-lethal force."

"After about 45 minutes of escalating danger, lethal force was used to quell the violence," the statement added.
After the incredible success of the elections, the media and lefties are dying for some "good" news. I'm sure they'll make hay with this, including extensive revisits of Abu Ghraib and great hand-wringing about the inability of US military to control themselves.