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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

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Bad news for terrorists in Iraq

The Iraqis are coming, and they don't have the same rules of gentle warfare that we do.
About those who are going to keep protesting, holding and delaying our march to the bright future, I would like to bring to their mind one small thing, the new government will be formed in few days and they will have a long year before the next elections and as an Iraqi I know that the new government will use all the strength they will have or reach (the Iraqi way) to finish the terrorists and any political party who may count on terrorism to apply their agenda.

No harm with democracy and we proved that we can live the democratic way and will spend the few coming years to learn more about democracy, But..........violence can only be stopped by violence. And a walking bomb can only be stopped before it becomes a bomb.
Or to quote an Iraqi police officer on the subject.
...His other quirk is a tendency, whenever put in a corner, to break out of that corner by delivering a diatribe about how extreme our military measures should become. "You are too soft. Whenever someone shoots at you, you should destroy their house and kill everyone in it and arrest their families, etc, etc."
We already know the Iraqis will face death just to vote. I sure wouldn't want to face them if I was a terrorist.

Listen to Alaa talk about the bravery of these people.
What we have witnessed is something amazing. I am an Iraqi and a Baghdadi and should know, and deep down in my heart I knew; yet I must admit that I did not expect all this. The common Iraqi citizen has taken all by surprise, including those of us who are indigenous to this land.

It was expected that relatively secure areas in the South and North were going to see heavy turnout. Yet Baghdad; subjected to a terrorist and intimidation campaign of unprecedented scale and cruelty; Baghdad, deprived of electricity, fuel and lately even water( which is more dangerous than anything else); Baghdad, that lacks security, where the citizens face mortal danger every moment of their daily life; Baghdad, where life has almost ground to a standstill; that citizens of this Baghdad should line up at polling stations braving very real dangers, with mortars raining down and scores of suicide bombers sent out to blow up people, and moreover that many even brought their children: this Baghdad was a revelation even to Baghdadis.

There were amazing scenes; not very likely to seen anywhere else. There were acts of heroism. Abdul Amir Kadhim, saw a man whom he suspected to be a suicide bomber, he threw himself on the man before he could get to the waiting line of people; and sure there was an explosion and this young man gave his life to save the others. Prime Minister Allawi paid tribute to this heroism. At one station there was a suicide attack and several people fell; when people of the neighborhood heard of this, the waiting line suddenly swelled to three times in size; people
The Iraqis are in charge now. How long do you think it will be before they ask the Americans to simply step out of the way and let them do the cleanup?

If I were Zarqawi, I think I'd be house shopping in Amman. The Ba'athists in Iran and Syria? Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Watch for the terrorists to melt into the woodwork as they become more and more unwelcome in Iraq and can find no safe place to hide.