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Thursday, January 20, 2005

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More Iraqi poll info

Ali has posted another election poll, and it doesn't look too good for the bad guys.
In a latest poll (link in Arabic) done by an Iraqi centre for research and on the ground studies "Al Mada", 300 men and women were selected from different age groups, classes and jobs to answer series of questions regarding the upcoming elections, and the main results were:

67% do not support postponing the elections.
52% refuse the interference of clerics in politics and 39% support such interference.
100% of women in Azzamyia favored postponing the elections while 93.5% of the women in Sadr city favored that it would be held at the exact decided time.
85.66% have set up their minds on whom to vote for.
59.33% have no knowledge about the details of the election process, the lists of candidates and their platforms.
Azzamyia, according to Ali, is a middle class Sunni district where a lot of Ba'athists lived.